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Why is Nia barefoot?

7000 nerve endings in each foot provide information about the surface we are moving on, so moving barefoot helps raise awareness of exactly how we are moving from the ground up.

What should I wear?

Wear anything that feels comfortable and allows you to move freely, your yoga or sportswear is ideal.

I'm unsure about barefoot?

Maybe choose yoga style grippy socks, find the best way for you to be comfortable, you can dance in pumps with flat soles. If you do wish to wear shoes, please slip out of your outdoor shoes and into indoor shoes.

I have an injury or a restriction?

All movement can be adapted to suit your body, we explore choices, moving smaller, slower. By listening to your body and moving with conscious awareness to find what feels good, in this way your body effortlessly guides your choices.


I take 2 of Carols Nia classes a week because they hit the spot for me more than any other movement class that I've tried, and over the years I've taken many! They are soulful, fun and freeing and make my body feel more alive and resilient. Carol has a calm, clear and thoughtful presence making everyone feel welcome and at ease. Her love of Nia is contagious! SW


We look forward to Thursday coming around, it's a mixture of so many wonderful movements, We laugh and find so much joy with Carol, she is an amazing teacher and human being, and we leave feeling happy and relaxed. 100% recommended.  LM


A wonderful hour of dance and movement. Carol is a great teacher! Leaves me feeling energized and relaxed.   SK


I really look forward to my Nia classes, Carol is a really inspiring  teacher who gently and gracefully encourages us through Nia's joyful routines. Carol's classes are relaxed and friendly, and I always leave on a high. Do come along and experience it for yourself! LC

Nia helps you move every part of your body, in a relaxed and fun way, releasing the tensions of the week. I find it calming and strengthening for mind, body and soul.  SG

I have been going to Carol’s Nia class for 9 months and have thoroughly enjoyed every class. I switch off from the outside world for an hour of inspirational, mindfulness and movement with a clear guidance, while listening to a lovely choice of music.   SW

Wonderful way to de-stress after a busy day. Helping me relax while dancing!

Always end the session feeling calm.    SN

This unique, friendly class is uplifting and restorative. The special blend of movement and mindfulness always leaves me feeling more centred, lighter and ready to face the day. MF

Carol provides a safe space for us all to explore and expand our bodies and emotions by focusing on the wonderful music and movement that Nia offers. This then becomes a real opportunity for self expression. She encourages us all to share our thoughts and feelings at the end of each session which fosters a real sense of community and a wonderful supportive atmosphere. MM

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